I just closed on my loan depot mortgage

I just closed on my loan depot mortgage

Bad Service

Sorry to say — that our experience with LoanDepot, was at best — very bad.We waited for a few days — before Loan Depot decided our credit score was too low to get a VA loan -0 this was after all submitted documents — at appears that LoanDepot knew our score was too low — but that they could then give us a FHA loan.Then they gave us new loan documents — that had mistakes — our income wrong and the bills that we wished to imperative link pay off wrong. — That same day — we emailed about the mistakes — then two day later the so called loan person called and after talking to him — it showed that he had not reviewed our emails.We can not tell anyone good things about Loan Depot.If asked — we must tell people about the lack of good service from Loan Depot.Sorry, but LoanDepot did not do a good job for us !!

Hi Robert – Thank you for this review. Your experience is important to us and we take your concerns very seriously. Please reach out to our Customer Care team at 888-337-6888 (x6789) or

Cameron Munden was the lending officer…

Cameron Munden was the lending officer assigned to assist me throughout the loan process. He was awesome at every step of the process. He responded quickly to all my questions and ensured that I was informed and satisfied with the Loan Depot. I have no reservations about recommending this company to friends and family. Thank you for diligence and professionalism!

Hi Ulysses! We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your future lending needs. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you ever need assistance.

We tried to refinance

We tried to refinance. The first person was great set our rate. The next people had lost emails. Did not accept what was sent until the rate increased. We turned in everything that was asked of us. Lisa A. at loandepot was no help. My wife and I retracted out application.

Hi Peter — Thank you for sharing your experience. If you would, please reach out to our Customer Care team at 888-337-6888 (x6789) or We’d like to hear more.

I just closed on my loan depot mortgage loan and had a great experience with Josh Aaron. It was timely with no problems. They exceeded my expectations now I have a much lower payment on my home. Thank you loan depot.

Hi Julie! We are happy to hear that you had a great experience with us. Thank you for sharing your story. We are here for you if you have any questions or future financial needs.

We just closed with Loan Depot

We just closed with Loan Depot. They are the best at Over Promise and Under Deliver. They promised SO many things then at closing said things changed. No warning. Shop elsewhere.

Loan Depot is a scam

Loan Depot is a scam, typical bait and switch. Darvell Meyers is a smooth-talking liar ! They lured me with low rate , we locked the rate and a week later they significantly changed the rate. I have heard its normal practice for loan depot to use different tricks to first lure you and later change the terms of the loan.

Hi Peter – We apologize that your experience was not satisfactory and would like to learn more. Please call our Customer Care team at 888-337-6888 (x6789) or

Nic Reed and Parnaz Nahidi were very…

Nic Reed and Parnaz Nahidi were very nice to work with during this process. They both spoke with me and used language easy to understand. Nic spoke at a speed that was easy for me to follow. He sped up when I was easily understanding what he was stating and he slowed down when needed too. During my loan process we ran into a problem receiving the payoff amount from PNC. Nic called them several times. I called them many times as well. This ran on for a few months. Unfortunately it came down to me having to be the person obtaining the payoff amount by going to a PNC location and asking for it. Going forward, customers should be told that some banks are not releasing their payoff amounts and if a customer wants, they may want to go get it themselves very early in the process. Nic kept be up to date regularly which was greatly appreciated. When Parnez took over, she ran into a few problems with PNC as well. Parnez was able to get PNC to react to her requests within a very short time helping my loan to process quickly after I provided the payoff amount document that I obtained.

Hi Cowya! Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are so glad you had a great experience with loanDepot. Please keep us in mind for any of your future financial needs.

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