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The underwater world of the Red Sea is characterized by beautiful coral gardens with a large fish. All kinds of tropical marine animals are spotted here regularly.


The diving conditions are excellent throughout the year, the reefs intact

and the Red Sea to reach Europe in just four hours by plane. All this has helped the reefs have become one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.

Most dive sites are very beginner-friendly but also more experienced divers get their money. Of shallow coral reefs and steep walls and wrecks everything is there

We take you to the following dive sites:

  • Sharm El Mina, Travco Jetty
  • Ras Katy wheel or umm Sid
  • check boyancy
  • Ras Mohamed
  • Jackjfish Alley
  • Shark / Jolanda Reef
  • Beacon Rock Dunrave
  • Shaab Abu Nuhas, wreck diving
  • Rosalie Moller (for experienced divers only)
  • Shag Rock
  • Shaab Ali Thistlegorm
  • Shaab Mahmoud
  • Straits of Tiran



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