Diving with handicap

Lift to sun deck:
For our guest’s wheelchair leads from the main deck of a hydraulic lift on the sun deck, where a cabin is set up for a maximum of 3 wheelchair divers.

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Descent into the sea:
For the descent into the sea, we have also designed specifically for our wheelchair guests: A separate mechanical “slide” on a special seat is on wheels, is designed to slide our wheelchair guests easily and comfortably into the sea. The fact that this seat, which runs on a rail runs far into the sea, the guest is moved so far into the sea, that he can slide effortlessly into the sea here. At his return, the guest then sets at sea level on this seat and is then brought back to the Dunya by a cable.

This all happens without exertion using our onboard staff. All other guests rise, gluten, or jump as usual in the ocean and get a boarding ladder back to our “Dunia”.
Furthermore, we have also pointed out that onboard our “Dive Yacht-Dunya” “Nitrox” is also offered as a breathing gas.
This is also your diving suits are housed.
On the platform of the compressors, a refrigerator with soft drinks is available.

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